Panchagavya is one of the most important Preparation Used for many purposes since from Many Ages. It has Growth Promoting and Immunity building Properties on the Plants.

Ingredients Required Preparing:

The name itself indicates it contains five products of the COW. But recent developments have added few more elements in its preparation. The main five Ingredients are: 1-Cow Dung 2-Cow Urine 3-Cow Milk 4-Cow Ghee 5-Cow Curd. The Other Elements that can be added are Jaggery, Sugarcane Juice, Banana, and Tender Coconut Water.

How to Prepare?

  • Step 1-The Standard method of preparation is to take an earthen pot in which 5 kg of dung is mixed with 2 kg of ghee.
  • Step 2-Using a stick for Everyday twice it has to be mixed (Morning & Evening) for the next four days.
  • Step 3-On the fifth day 5 liters of milk, 5 liters of curd and 5 liters of Urine should be Added and Mixed with a Stick.
  • Step 4-the Mixing has to be done twice a day for the next fifteen days.
  • Step 5-The pot has to be covered with a cloth for Its Mouth.
  • Step 6-At the end of twenty days the Preparation is ready for Use.
  • Step 7-Depending on One’s Choice the Other Ingredients can be added.

How to Use?

  • One Liter of Panchagavya is mixed in Thirty liters of water for spraying.
  • The Prepared Material can be preserved for 60 days.
  • The Spraying can be done 3 to 4 times in any given Crop at an Interval of 15 days.

Advantages of Panchagavya:

  • Panchagavya promotes the growth of leaves.
  • With the applying of this magical manure, you can observe tremendous root growth.
  • The mean-life of fruits and vegetables also increase conveniently.
  • The quality of vegetables and fruits is best, since you have used all natural resources in this Panchagavya.
  • One will reduce the utilization of Chemical fertilizers with the assistance of this organic fertilizer.
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