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Why Hebbevu?

Welcome to Hebbevu Managed Farmlands, where agriculture meets innovation. Discover why choosing Hebbevu is a Smart investment in a sustainable and prosperous agricultural future.
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Diversify Your Portfolio With Hebbevu Managed Farmlands

In an era of financial complexity, smart investors seek alternatives beyond the conventional Investment method. Break free from the limitations of traditional stocks and bonds; explore the hidden potential of managed farmlands.

A Comprehensive Breakdown

Farmland Indian Stocks Indian Bonds Real Estate Gold
Average Annual Return 17.00% 10.90% 7.32% 4.80% 7.50%
Volatility Low High Low Varies Low
Tax-free Income Substantial Advantage Taxable Taxable Taxable Taxable
Tangible Asset Yes No No Yes Yes
Higher ROI Strong Competitive Edge Moderate Returns Moderate Returns Competitive Returns Inflation Hedge

Get To Know About Us

Explore Our Identity:

As Pioneers in the Managed Farmlands Market, Hebbevu Farms represent a commitment to agricultural innovation and sustainable farming practices. Established by visionary brothers, Mr. Amith Kishan and Mr. Ashrith Kishan, our journey is navigated by a shared passion for shaping the future of agriculture.

Our Distinctive Landscape:

Surrounded over 600+ acres, nurturing a thriving community of 800+ desi cattle, and managing 10+ projects, Hebbevu Farms has emerged as the preferred choice for more than 1000+ customers. Each client begin on a transformative journey marked by financial growth and environmental responsibility.

A Visionary Duo:

Guided by the dynamic leadership of Mr. Amith Kishan and Mr. Ashrith Kishan, Hebbevu Farms rises above traditional farming ways. Our founders blend  innovation, sustainability, and a profound love for agriculture into the very fabric of our existence.

Beyond Investments:

Hebbevu Farms offers more than a financial venture; it is an invitation to join a thriving community committed to responsible farming, tax-free income. We provide not just an investment opportunity but a tangible connection to the land, a sustainable future, and an alliance with like-minded individuals

Welcoming You to Hebbevu Farms:

Step into Hebbevu Farms, Here, you are not just an investor; you become an integral part of something more significant—an interconnected community dedicated to reshaping the agricultural narrative

A Sustainable Alliance:

At Hebbevu Farms, your association with us goes beyond transactions; it is an alliance with association. Join us in a transformative journey where innovation meets growth, and together, we contribute to something extraordinary. Welcome to Hebbevu Farms, where the seeds of tomorrow are planted today.

Our Subsidiary Brands

What We Offer

Buy Farmland with Timber Plantation and Animal Husbandry

Buy Farmland with Timber

Invest only in
Animal Husbandry

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How Hebbevu Works


We Sell Farmlands With 100% Ownership


We Cultivate & Harvest Farm Produce


We Sell Under the brand named Hebbevu Fresh


We Sell Farmlands With 100% Ownership

What Sets Hebbevu Apart

Hebbevu Farms distinguishes itself with a holistic approach to Managed Farmland Investments, fostering sustainable growth and community connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hebbevu Farms is a pioneered platform that offers managed farmland investment opportunities. We enable individuals to invest in sustainable agriculture projects, providing a unique avenue for financial growth.
Hebbevu Farms connects you with farmland projects managed by our expert team. You invest in farmland and we handle everything from cultivation to maintenance, ensuring your investment thrives.
Absolutely. We prioritize transparency, sustainability, and responsible farming practices making Hebbevu Farms a trusted choice for secured investments.
No, there are no maintenance fees associated with Hebbevu Farms. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a hassle-free investment, ensuring that your profits are maximized without any additional costs.
Certainly. In India, returns from agricultural investments, including profits from the sale of produce, are tax-exempt under Section 10(1) of the Income Tax Act of 1961. Benefit from the advantage of tax-free returns with Hebbevu Farms.

Stay in the loop effortlessly. Receive regular updates directly through our platform. Additionally, our dedicated support team is readily available to address any queries or provide the information you require. We ensure you are well-informed every step of the way.

The minimum investment amount is project-specific and varies based on the farmland project you choose. For detailed information on the minimum investment for each project, refer to our website where project-specific details are available.

Absolutely. We actively encourage and welcome our investors to visit the farmland they have invested in. Experience firsthand the beauty of your investment and witness the sustainable and innovative practices employed at Hebbevu Farms.

Diversification is simple with Hebbevu Farms. Explore our array of managed farmland projects, providing you with the opportunity to diversify your investments across various agricultural ventures. Tailor your portfolio to align with your financial goals with Hebbevu Farms.
Generally, managed farmland investments are designed for the long term. However, specific terms and conditions may vary by project. Please refer to the project details for information on withdrawal options.

Pioneering Managed Farmlands

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