What We Offer

What We Offer

We Sell a minimum of One Acer of a Fertitle Agriculture land with water and electricity infrastructure with the below amenities. Which could make you feel Hebbevu as your Second Home

Internal Roads
Common Guest House
Swimming Pool
Team Work

Long Term & Short Term Returns
Proper Utilization of Agri Tools
24/7 Security Surveillance
We Harvest & Market it as Well
Retirement House

Electric Infrastructure
Kitchen Gardening
Tax Free Income

Our Variants

Long Term Returns

We Majorly focus on Timber plantation ( Sandal , Teak or Melia Dubia ) for Long Term return along with fruit trees ( Guava , Chikku , Custard Apple , Pomegranate , Mango )

Short Term Returns

For Short Term we would go with two cash crops a year one would be flower and other would be Vegetable .

Mixture Of Both

The 1 Acre of land divided into two parts first part with long term crop and second part with two cash crops a year .