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The Earth -By Following Organic Farming Methods
We can heal
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land was not a resource.
Before agriculture was invented,
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The discovery of agriculture was the
first big step towards a civilized life.
The Better Place
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Save Our Eco System

Save Our Water

Recycling is A Must

About Us

Hebbevu is a simple and secure collaborative platform that enables you engage in profitable agribusiness opportunities from the comfort of your home. You can invest in Farms, trade in commodities and count your profits in no time.

A simple, risk free and profitable program perfect for people looking to engage in Agriculture but don't have the knowledge, capacity or time to execute their agriculture desires. We provide all the tools and handle all management necessary for a successful farming operation.


Historically, Agriculture Investments like land purchase, Horticulture plantation, cattle rearing have only been accessible to investors with significant capital, Vast industry expertise and direct connections to vendors.

How We Do ?

Choose High Yield Land Area
Soil Test
Water Ground Level Confirmation
Proper Legal’s
Buy Land
Plan & Design Land
Execute Crop/Farm Land
Harvest & Market It
Value Chain Approach

A core focus/key component of our business model is playing across the value chain of specific product types we work with. We take seeds and nurture them into beautiful crops that produce a bountiful harvest which is then processed and are sold locally and across the globe.

By playing across the value chain, we take out the middlemen and provide consumers with the best quality at the best prices and still make excellent profits while you watch with full transparency.

The costs cover everything from Land allocation and preparation, Fertilzer, Plantlets, Labor, Logistics, Insurance, Management, etc. Returns are calculated Kilo by Kilo per plot.

Why Hebbevu

Why Hebbevu ??

Hebbevu is an Organic Managed Farmland company owned by Nisarga Woods Pvt Ltd , a Bangalore based organic agricultural realty business.

Protecting Nature

Agro-realty projects by Hebbevu have a strong environmental focus. One of the reasons for Hebbevu existence is that the founders have been extensively environmentally conscious and always wanted to do something in the field of agriculture.

Our Project Overview

Hebbevu by Nisarga woods is our agro-realty project based in Penukonda, located in the Ananthpur district of Andhra Pradesh.

Our Project Video

What We Offer

We Sell a minimum of One Acer of a Fertitle Agriculture land with water and electricity infrastructure with the below amenities. Which could make you feel Hebbevu as your Second Home

Internal Roads
Common Guest House
Swimming Pool
Team Work

Long Term & Short Term Returns
Proper Utilization of Agri Tools
24/7 Security Surveillance
We Harvest & Market it as Well
Retirement House

Electric Infrastructure
Kitchen Gardening
Tax Free Income



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