How We Do


Through deep experience, we’ve understood that every generation of crop is impacted directly by the one that has gone before. From choosing the mother plants carefully and adopting nursery practices are followed to monitoring how saplings are transported, we follow the best practices. and other would be Vegetable .


In a market flooded with crops of varied quality, we take it upon ourselves to identify the right crop. Thorough technical knowledge allows us to cultivate crops that provide great commercial returns without being labor- intensive. Agile understanding of the market helps us plan for a better crop, so that we ensure zero wastage. and other would be Vegetable .


Through good experience on Animal Husbandry we believe they are both used in the same field. For animals these crops are the source of food and nutrition and for these crops, these animals are the source to plough and water the land. Their waste is used to fertilize the land too. So they are both beneficial for each other. This makes them both sides of the same coin, Hence we select right breeds to maintain organic farming. and other would be Vegetable .


Continuing to study our farm lands have brought us to the repeated conclusion that adopting the right techniques is quintessential to crop success. Reason why we’ve embraced tested techniques like natural farming, moisture and water management, soil health management and integrated pest management on our farm lands. Combining that with the right mix of automation and labor has helped us ensure cost effective production as well. and other would be Vegetable .


We live in a world of burgeoning demand and relentless supply. What otherwise would have been a happy scenario layered with the distrust of customers. Because people simply don’t know anymore where the produce is coming from! At Pure Agro-Realty, we work towards tracking every bit of the process, right from production to packaging to transportation. Our intention is to be completely transparent about the source, the quality of produce and the time taken for it to reach the market. and other would be Vegetable .