Sheep Husbandary

Sheep Husbandary

Sheep Husbandary is the practice of breeding, farming and care of farm animals such as cattle, dogs, sheep and horses by humans for advantages. Sheep Husbandary refers to livestock raising and selective breeding. It is a branch of agriculture.

Career in Animal husbandary Price & profit now days people are really interested in taking part in all these practices because as the populaoin is increased the demand also increasing which can be fulfilled by these animals eg – cow gives milk & and sheep wool.

Sheep Husbandary plays an important role in rural areas because a large number of farmers depend upon it for their livelihood. Hence it’s a huge opportunity to start career in Sheep Husbandary and help you earn good amount of profit on monthly basis ( 1-2lac / Yearly )

Why Sheep Husbandary..?

Sheep Husbandary, Controlled cultivation, management, and production of domestic animals, including improvement of the qualities considered desirable by humans by means of breeding. Animals are bred and raised for utility (e.g., food, fur), sport, pleasure, and research. See also beekeeping, dairy farming.

As the demands are increasing day by day the livestock has to be there so that it will increase the livestock in market hence many farmers are start using Sheep Husbandary so that they can make profit from it .

Cost of Sheep Husbandary and profit in India

So Before starting i have some question for you . firstly to decide for which Sheep Husbandary you want to start and how much farm land you have to do this husbandary ? And another step how much qty of animals you can use in your farm ?

For eg- I’m doing sheep husbandary

Total expenditure

1 baby sheep price – 2500-5000
10 baby sheep price – 10*5000 = 50000
Maintainence cost ( care,food etc / year ) – 50000
Total expenditure – 1 lakh


Mature age max 1 year
After 1 year 1 sheep will cost – 20000
10 sheep cost – 20000*10 = 2 lakhs
Total earning – 2 lakhs
Profit - 2 lakh every year ( 10 sheeps )

As you can see I have taken example of just 10 sheep so if you want to do it on large scale you can buy as many as per your requirement and it will help you earn more profit . Similarly Our Cattle Farming would work in a same way where in there are few additional factors included in cattle farming .

Few of them are like

1- Cow milk can sold
2- Cow Gomuthr Can be done as Arka and sold
3- Cow dung is used as the major manure source in Organic Farming .
4- Jeevamruth can be prepared using Cow Dung and Gomutr
5- Provides offspring and can be multiplied .

Factor before starting animals husbandary in india

1- Proper land
2- Proper legal
3- Proper care of animals feeding , washing , breeding etc
4- Free space
5- Protect them from diseses

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