Why Hebbevu ??

Hebbevu is an Organic Managed Farmland company owned by Nisarga Woods Pvt Ltd , a Bangalore based organic agricultural realty business. We believe in the power of agriculture as a smart investment vehicle that delivers returns , this combined with our rich background in the Organic Farming and Timber trade led us to envision a future where we could develop lands for our investors, cultivate timber forests and generate positive cash flows for investor with cultivating cash crops and rear cattle gives annual return which could take care the maintenance of timber forest and give an hand full annual returns which is tax free till the yield of Timber Wood .

Zero Mentainence

Agro-realty projects by Hebbevu have a strong environmental focus. One of the reasons for Hebbevu existence is that the founders have been extensively environmentally conscious and always wanted to do something in the field of agriculture. The Organic farming and timber plantations is also a afforestation and soil erosion measure. It adds the green cover to the area, helps in regulating the climate in the said region and reduces carbon footprint. The environmental benefits are a plenty. Additionally, we also use smart farming methods which are technologically advanced. This results is maximized yield with zero mentainenance cost.


Hebbevu by Nisarga woods is our agro-realty project based in Penukonda, located in the Ananthpur district of Andhra Pradesh. An upcoming industrial belt which has fertile soil and is well connected by road, rail and air.

Hebbevu will assist you to purchase, develope, cultivate & harvest the farm produce and market it under Hebbevu Fresh & Ksheera. All you need to do is just sit back and reap the profits. Up until then, you will have a handsome yearly income from cash crops and bonus income from Cattle sources. It’s time you to own your piece of agro-forest and let your investments grow into huge returns.

We’re Leader in Managed Farm Land Market